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SCIO is a research, capacity building and consultancy company that specializes in Knowledge, Innovation and Organizational projects in a varied number of fields from across Science, Technology and Sustainability. SCIO combines the dynamics and creativity of a start-up with the thoughtful analytic mindsets of its senior management team.

SCIO understands itself as a hub in a complex connected flat world ecosystem that aims to facilitate a dynamic and structured response to identified needs and challenges.

SCIO has as its vision to support through its services the advancement of Science, Technology and Sustainability at both, micro and macro levels.

The mission of SCIO is consequently in using its expertize in Knowledge, Innovation and Organizational aspects to support its clients through research, capacity building and consultancy services.

Today’s economies and societies are exposed to increasing pressure to adopt in a sustainable manner up-to-date

technologies and processes and to generate new knowledge has become a critical factor for economic development and social advancement.

SCIO is addressing this pressure by providing an open infrastructure that allows for a systemic, persistent and dynamic learning and knowledge exchange between local levels and the global level, to peer-to-peer sharing of best practices between local actors, and thus to local empowerment. With this SCIO facilitates and fosters the collaboration of actors from developed countries with developing countries and leading and advanced institutions with starting institutions, and promoting the establishment of new partnerships with stakeholders from across the scientific, industrial and public sectors, and society at large. As such SCIO caters to a diverse number of clients from as well the private as the public sectors, from across the developed and developing world, and from micro entities up to international organizations.

As a dynamic and creative start-up with thoughtful analytic mindsets SCIO is taking social entrepreneurship serious and intends to act as a social responsible company and to actively support global and local social development.


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Meet the founders

Andreas Meiszner

After an initial career path within the private industry and service sector Andreas has been working since 2003 in an academic scientific context as a project manager, researcher, consultant and trainer in the fields of economics, education, and in information communication technologies. He has been involved in numerous projects that have been funded by national and international organizations, including the European Commission and the World Bank. Andreas has a decade of experiences in the conceptualization and management of research, training and capacity building projects within Europe and across the globe, managing in-house teams and globally distributed external research, development and training teams. During his term at the United Nations University from 2009 through 2012 he has been for example responsible for coordinating and overseeing research teams from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin-America.

As a consultant and knowledgeable scholar he has been – inter-alia – heading the strategic and conceptual development efforts within the United Nations University (UNU) on its open education project, and he has been acting as an invited expert to UN agencies and to the European Commission. At current Andreas is also a doctoral supervisor with the University of Liverpool (UK) within their Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program, an advising fellow to the European Learning Industry Group (ELIG), and he continues to be an affiliated research fellow with the United Nations University UNU-MERIT.

Andreas holds three higher education degrees in management from universities in France, Germany and the Netherlands, and with majors in ‘International Management’ and in ‘Human Resources and Organizational Management’; and a PhD from the Open University UK.

Ana Faria

Ana has over a decade work experience as a Project Manager, Business Developer and Management Controller in the field of the Rational Use of Energy, Sustainability, and Smart Cities. Ana has been responsible for the coordination and management of European Funds, or the development of strategic action plans for local municipalities, such as the SEAP (Strategic Action Plan) under the Covenant of Mayors Initiative. As a member of the Finance Group of the European initiative Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform she also improved her experience in the identification, adaptation and implementation of alternative financing models and sustainability models related to smart cities.

Ana holds PhD from the Engineering and Innovation Department at the Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology, The Open University UK, that has been awarded for her thesis on “The role of behaviour in the transition to more energy efficient use at home”. Her research combined positivist and constructivist paradigms, so to allow for both: statistically analyse the data, whilst also allowing for an exploration of the complex set of variables that influence human behaviour. With this her research used a mixed, multi-method research methodology, using both quantitative and qualitative research procedures. Quantitative research aimed to gain insight and identify issues for the subsequent qualitative phases of the empirical work, while the qualitative research aims to explore attitudes, behaviour and experiences through such methods as interviews or focus groups.

Ana also holds a degree in Economics from the Universidade do Minho (PT), a degree in International Management from the RSM Erasmus University (NL), and a Master in Business Administration in International Industrial Management from the Esslingen University of Applied Science, a MBA program that had been developed to cater the needs of international senior staff from local enterprises such Behr, Bosch, Daimler, Festo, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Kärcher, Modine, Porsche or Siemens.


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